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At Meca Sportswear, it is our goal to exceed service and fulfillment of our letter jackets.

We can usually provide as an estimated scheduled ship date of your students letter jacket.

Many factors can affect delivery.

    1. What month your students jacket was ordered 
      • Busy seasons are October, November, December, and March, April, and May, June
    2. Holiday and school break schedules 
      • Christmas, Spring Break, and summer break can add delivery time to your based on when the school can receive them
    3. Student purchased jackets vs School purchased jackets
      • Student Purchase jackets can usually expect 4 to 6 week delivery, the main hold up can be when they are ordered as a group and our office is working with parents to pay for their jackets. 
      • School Purchase jackets - Even though you have invested in the personalized items on your jacket, sometimes we must wait on the school to provide payment details on your students jacket
    4. Special cases
      • If you need a jacket by a certain date, please let us a know at the time the order is taken. We then have the opportunity to exceed your expectations and make a deadline. Sometimes it is not possible, but because we are local and have been selling a Meca Sportswear jacket for over the 35 years, we like to know if there is a deadline we can meet.
    5. Other factors out of our control
      • Busy season - Some times there will be offices across the USA the submit orders within days of each other. We always request priority. 
      • Weather - Our factory is in Tomah, Wisconsin. If you can imagine they have some interesting weather up there. If roads are shut down, the plant shuts down, and our shipping partners also delay. But because we are based in the USA, we have some of the best delivery in the industry.
    6. Typical delivery is about 5 - 8 weeks from date of order. Please email us at for questions or concerns about your specific order.